Our Story

Canadian Spectrum Equipment Inc. has been in business since 1985.  When Canadian Spectrum Equipment was started it was to fill a need to certify meters and do calibration in 1987 we incorporated the safety of the tanks.  Canadian Spectrum Equipment has remained a family owned and operated business, being at 60 Boys Road for 14 years.

Jim has been the owner/president running the operation from his central location in the office, he spent many years on the road with his competitors company before making the leap to start his own business back in 1985.  His wife of 44 years has worked as the Chief Financial officer all these year.

Darren has been in the agricultural business since his early twenties, working at Agrico unloading the rail cars.  He moved over to Canadian Spectrum in 1998 he's a talented a crucial asset to the company for 17 years.  He has proven to tackle all challenges head on and is the master of repairs, calibrations and builds.

(800) 665-7732